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How Kyler Murray can help 49ers at NFL Scouting Combine

The 49ers won't be bill of exchangeing Kyler Murray, but they should have their eyes on him at the NFL Scouting Combine. Here's why.

How Kyler Murray can help 49ers at NFL Scouting Combine

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2019 NFL Draft: How Kyler Murray can help 49ers at exploratory survey harvester

2019 NFL Draft: How Kyler Murray can help 49ers at exploratory survey harvester By Dalton Johnson February 10, 2019 8:15 PM

When news bust Thursday that Kyler Murray will go to the NFL Scouting Combine, someway a baseball game team was impressed more than anybody else.

While Murray inactive could play baseball game and go to A's springtime preparation earlier the harvester begins approaching this month, it's broad the quarterback is earnest astir his approaching in football. Or so it appears he is, though there's concerns there, too.

And his determination could mean a lot to more than one Bay Area pro sports team.

If Murray participates in events at the harvester, the 49ers should have their eyes on him. No, they won't select the Heisman Trophy victor in the bill of exchange -- they not yet (antonym) have their franchise quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo -- but they should see which teams are gushing over the signal-caller.

How Murray performs, and what his measurables are in Indianapolis, will have a significant impact on how teams view him as a quarterback in the NFL. So, let's start with his height and weight.

Murray is listed at 5-foot-10 and 195 pounds on the Oklahoma Sooners' website. Many outlets have debated those numbers, but if they serve to be true, teams surely will move him up their bill of exchange boards, closer to where the 49ers sit at No. 2 overall.

Now, what astir that speed?

In his record-setting redshirt junior season, Murray dazzled with his lightning-quick speed and ability to avoid defenders. He rushed for 1,001 yards at 7.2 yards per carry and 12 touchdowns last year. But just how fast is he?

At Oklahoma, he claimed he ran a 4.38 40-yard dash during winter workouts as a backup to Baker Mayfield. That would be the second-fastest time by a quarterback ever at the harvester, behind Michael Vick's reported 4.33. Looking at Murray's in-game speed, For The Win clocked him running nearly 45 yards in 4.44 seconds, dashing for a touchdown against Texas.

No matter if he breaks records or not, it's expected Murray will put on a show in the 40-yard dash if he participates in it at the harvester. And if his accuracy is on display during passing drills -- he completed 69 percent of his passes last season -- quarterback-starved teams will be frothing at the mouth.

The NFL is driven by elite quarterback play. At the same school that turned Mayfield into the No. 1 pick just a year ago, Murray was elite. Will the Giants be willing to jump to No. 2 overall? What astir the Jaguars? Or the Broncos? The list could go much longer.

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The 49ers have just six picks in this year's bill of exchange. They have their starting quarterback. They will have a healthy Jerick McKinnon at running back, and the NFL's record holder for single-season yards at tight end, George Kittle, only getting better.

It's broad the nucleus is there for the 49ers. By trading back in the bill of exchange, they inactive could land the pass rusher they covet and use extra picks to keep building.

Kyler Murray Watch had its time in Oakland. Here comes San Francisco Santa Clara.

Could Antonio Brown cost 49ers just a sixth-round bill of exchange pick in trade?

USATSI Could Antonio Brown cost 49ers just a sixth-round bill of exchange pick in trade? By NBC Sports Bay Area staff February 11, 2019 12:04 AM

Antonio Brown reportedly wants to be a 49er, but the cost is supposed to be high. Like first-round bill of exchange pick-type high.

Before San Francisco pays that price for the disgruntled All-Pro wide receiver, though, the team should (and likely will) consider what one longtime NFL personnel man told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last week.

As Niners Nation pointed out, that personnel exec said he’d send just a sixth-round pick, with player and team performance conditions making it as high as fourth-rounder, to the Steelers in exchange for Brown.

Why such a low price?

Well, for starters, the Steelers don’t have much leverage, since Brown’s dissatisfaction with the team has been so known. Then there’s the Jan. 17 domestic incident that came to light last week, and the NFL said it will investigate the matter. Lastly, Brown will be 31 next season and likely won’t have many seasons left in him, despite the fact he has posted six consecutive 1,200-yard campaigns.

If the cost to acquire Brown truly is that low, the 49ers have a fourth-round or a sixth-round pick to offer the Steelers -- San Francisco’s fifth-round selection now belongs to the New York Giants after a deal that netted guard Laken Tomlinson from the Detroit Lions. The 49ers have picks in the first three rounds, too, should those be needed, but it seems like they won’t.

Alliance of American Football full of former 49ers players and coaches

AP Alliance of American Football full of former 49ers players and coaches By Jennifer Lee Chan February 09, 2019 11:57 AM

The Super Bowl closed out the NFL season, but a new professional league kicks off on Saturday.

The eight-team Alliance of American Football includes dozens of former 49ers coaches and players as part of its inaugural season.

The AAF has been referred to as a developmental league of sorts. It’s an organization where players could gain momentum to launch or re-launch an NFL career or maybe just make a decent living playing the game they love.

There are quite a few players who have spent time with the 49ers who are now members of AAF teams. Even more significantly are the coaches that have spent time on the 49ers staff that are now coaching for the AAF, including Mike Singletary and Dennis Erickson.

Singletary, Hall of Fame linebacker for the Chicago Bears, was on the 49ers coaching staff for six seasons beginning in 2005.

Singletary took over as interim head coach after Mike Nolan’s midseason firing in 2008. He made a memorable first impression when he sent tight end Vernon Davis to the locker room in his head-coaching debut.

After being hired as head coach shortly after the 2008 season, he lasted just one full season earlier getting fired with one game remaining in the 2010 season. Jim Tomsula took over and coached the final game of the 2010 season. Singletary’s record with the 49ers was 18-22.

Singletary’s time with the 49ers was tumultuous and memorable. Several press conference moments are inactive memes to this day. Tales astir his time with the 49ers are inactive told like one would tell stories over a campfire.

Singletary has spent time on several coaching staffs including the Vikings from 2011-2013 and as a defensive assistant for the Rams in 2016. He is now head coach of the Memphis Express of the AAF.

Erickson did not have a successful run as head coach of the 49ers, either. He recorded only nine wins out of the 32 games he coached over two seasons. He took over as head coach after the team fired Steve Mariucci at the end of 2002.

Last month, Erickson was named to the College Football Hall of Fame. He has been out of coaching for two years after leaving Utah as the assistant head coach/running backs coach in 2016. He is now the head coach of the Salt Lake Stallions.

Here are individuals in the new AAF with ties to the 49ers:

Arizona Hotshots

P Jeff Locke (49ers preparation camp, 2018)
QB Jack Heneghan (49ers preparation camp, 2018)
LB Carl Bradford (49ers, 2016)
OT Andrew Lauderdale (49ers practice squad/preparation camp, 2017-’18)
DT Will Sutton III (49ers preparation camp, 2018)

Atlanta Legends


Birmingham Iron

Head coach Tim Lewis (49ers DBs coach, 2015)
Offensive coordinator/QBs Steve Logan (49ers QBs coach, 2015)
TE Busta Anderson (49ers bill of exchange pick, 2015)
DT Lawrence Okoye (49ers preparation camp/practice squad, 2013-’15)
WR Quinton Patton (49ers bill of exchange pick, 2013-’16)
CB Trovon Reed (49ers practice squad, 2017)
P Colton Schmidt (49ers preparation camp, 2013)

Memphis Express

Head coach Mike Singletary (49ers assistant head coach/LBs 2005-’08; head coach 2008-’10)
CB Channing Stribling (49ers practice squad, 2017)

Orlando Apollos

Head coach Steve Spurrier (49ers QB, 1967-’75)
CB Keith Reaser (49ers bill of exchange pick, 2014-’17)
OG Andrew Tiller (49ers, 2014-‘16)

Salt Lake Stallions

Head coach Dennis Erickson (49ers head coach, 2003-’04)
Offensive coordinator Tim Lappano (49ers RBs coach, 2003-’04)
WR Dres Anderson (49ers practice squad, 2015-’16)
CB Will Davis (49ers preparation camp, 2017)
DB Chanceller James (49ers preparation camp, 2017-’18)
DT Mike Purcell (49ers, 2013-’16)
DL Sealver Siliga (49ers preparation camp, 2011)

San Antonio Commanders

K Nick Rose (49ers preparation camp, 2017)

San Diego Fleet

Head coach Mike Martz (49ers offensive coordinator, 2008)
Offensive line coach Pat Morris (49ers tight ends/offensive line coach, 1997-2003)
Linebackers/special teams coach Larry MacDuff (49ers ST coordinator, 2003-’06)
RB Ja’Quan Gardner (49ers preparation camp, 2018)
OG Chris Gonzalez (49ers preparation camp, 2018)

League office

Fitz Ollison, VP of Football Communication (49ers, 2003-‘07)

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