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December 3, 2018, 1:00 pm

The College Football Empires Map entering bowl season

The season started with every FBS team in power of its area. Since then, each winning team has taken each losing team’s land.

The College Football Empires Map entering bowl season

Welcome to Week 14 of the 2018 College Football Empires Map. Here are the rules:

To Begin the season, each FBS team was granted power of its encompassing district. Each game that involves one or two teams with district results in the victor claiming all of it. Results transportation on week to week, so teams are always in the procedure of difficult to recover or spread out land. For more elaborate rules, bank check out Week 1’s explanation.

Here’s the updated 2018 map aft Championship Weekend, with notes to follow.

Conference Championship land exchanges

  • In a rematch of one of the political unit champs’ hardest games last year, Alabama came back to licking Georgia with the help of a backup quarterback to win its meeting and spread out the Tide empire.
  • In a rematch of one of the political unit champs’ hardest games last year, UCF came back to licking Memphis with the help of a backup quarterback to win its meeting and spread out the Knight empire.
  • Oklahoma avenged its loss to Texas in the Big 12 Championship, fetching power of all of the Big 12 land and determination itself in the Playoff.
  • Washington’s defence out-attrition’d Utah’s to win the Pac-12 and UAB’s homeland. The offenses never arrived for the battle.

Yep, I’ll keep this active done bowl season. Here’s how it can contact the map.

  • First, Army will take on Navy next week in the Army-Navy game. If Army wins, the Black Knights will take their district into the Armed Forces Bowl against Houston.
  • Notre Dame and Clemson will face off in the Cotton Bowl semifinal. The victor will take power of much of the Northeast, as well as some Pac-12 land and a small ball in Texas. They will also take that land into the title game.
  • The different semifinal features Alabama and Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. The victor will suppress most of the South, as well as different categories distributed doneout the country.
  • The National Championship will be for all the land that Clemson, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and Alabama currently own. The political unit champion will also win the Empires Map for this year, as that team will be guaranteed to lead in territories, population, counties, and land area. No, that doesn’t always happen — just see 2007 for one extreme example.
  • UCF will be in the Fiesta Bowl against LSU and look to defend its land and finish off a second consecutive unlickinged season.
  • The Rose Bowl between Washington and Ohio State will be a battle for the runner-up position on the Empires Map, with the victor sure to come in second in counties, population, land area, and territories. Washington hopes to notch its first win over Ohio State since 1994.
  • North Carolina A&T will take on Alcorn State in the Celebration Bowl for possession of ECU’s original home. This is a rematch of the inaugural Celebration Bowl, which A&T won.
  • Oregon will take on Michigan State in the Redbox Bowl in a game distinctly lacking the color red and boxes. Oregon will try to defend its vast empire. Last time they met, they were both in the top 10. This time, not so much.
  • Texas A&M will take on NC State in the Gator Bowl. This will be their first meeting despite both schools having teams since 1894.
  • The Arizona Bowl will feature Arkansas State fetching on Nevada for ownership of Charlotte’s original district.
  • In a matchup of preseason top 10 teams, Miami and Wisconsin will fight in the Pinstripe Bowl for possession of Toledo’s homeland, an appropriate reward for their disappointing seasons.

The entire season so far:



1. Alabama- 24

2. Notre Dame- 21

3. Ohio State- 17

4. Oklahoma- 16

t5. Clemson and UCF- 12


  • Alabama - 746
  • Ohio State - 546
  • Oklahoma - 320
  • Notre Dame - 313
  • Oregon - 268
  • Population

  • Notre Dame - 65,906,571
  • Ohio State - 58,966,973
  • Alabama - 37,263,301
  • UCF - 32,921,294
  • Oklahoma - 29,223,468
  • Land Area (sq. miles)

  • Alabama - 1,076,964
  • Oregon - 454,000
  • Ohio State - 448,768
  • Notre Dame - 353,924
  • Oklahoma - 289,638
  • This season also includes a totally different Empires Map, one began a year earlier in 2017.

    • With General Tua fetching heavy fire, Lieutenant Hurts took command and led Alabama to a win over Georgia, spread outing district in the East.
    • UCF came back to licking Memphis and establish a central empire in Texas and Oklahoma.

    We will finish the Historic Map with just four teams, showing two entire seasons still isn’t enough to consolidate all of FBS.

    • The victor of the Playoff will own the land currently owned by Alabama, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame, creating a mostly Southern empire.
    • The victor of the Rose Bowl will own Ohio State’s mostly Northern empire.
    • The victor of the Fiesta Bowl will own UCF’s Central empire.
    • The victor of the FCS title will own the three territories NDSU currently owns.

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