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December 6, 2018, 11:02 am

One week after NCAA Tournament elimination, Arizona Wildcats reflect on season

Arizona was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament Friday.

One week after NCAA Tournament elimination, Arizona Wildcats reflect on season

The Arizona women’s volleyball time period complete Friday, when the Wildcats fell to Missouri in the archetypal circular of the NCAA Tournament in Lincoln, Nebraska. The 25-17, 25-22, 25-18 loss crowned an up-and-down, injury-plagued time period.

Arizona dressed 22-11, with an 11-9 Pac-12 Conference mark.

Two of the agleam spots were Devyn Cross and Makenna Martin. The Star talked to the two juniors astir their time period, how they could better and what next year mightiness look like:

What is your most unforgettable minute from the time period?

Cross: “Getting the 500th win for our coach, Dave Rubio, and pulsating Washington State at their topographic point 3-2.”

Martin: “Beating ASU home and away. Another highlight was musical performance and pulsating Oregon in five (sets) at Oregon.”

What do you deliberation you did well in Friday’s game?

Cross: “Going into the game, I idea we were very braced — we were mentally braced for what we were active to face but during the game we just couldn’t execute.

Martin: “No comment…”

How do you deliberation you could have betterd?

Cross: “I can’t talk for the entire team, but I deliberation I could have personally been more occupied instead than cragfast in my head the entire time.”

Martin: “We could have betterd in our fighting and energy; it was dead on the court.”

How has this program shaped your college experience?

Cross: “The program has pushed me to create a more disciplined lifestyle for myself, which is something that is useful in other areas such as work and personal life that I can take with me after I graduate.”

Martin: “This program has done so much for me. Sometimes I get really frustrated — both school and volleyball — and the way they let me get my frustration out is awesome, I don’t deliberation any other program would let me do what I do. The program has helped me stay focused and it has given me structure and all the support in the world.”

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