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December 6, 2018, 11:03 am

After last year's NCAA tourney loss to NU, Wildcats get more time to prepare this time

Craig Skinner and his team have been preparing for Nebraska all week.

After last year's NCAA tourney loss to NU, Wildcats get more time to prepare this time

Craig Skinner and his team have been preparing for Nebraska all week.

It's not a indulgence Kentucky had a year ago when the Huskers won in four sets on the Wildcats' home flooring to range the Final Four in Kansas City.

NU's win came a day aft the Huskers sweptback Colorado, and Kentucky outlasted BYU in five sets. With the NCAA Tournament set up so winners are musical performance on back-to-back days, there's less time for teams to interruption down film and look for weaknesses.

In Kentucky's case — and Nebraska's, too — it had less than 24 work time to survey the Huskers earlier a location (related term) concluding group meeting. Now the Huskers and Wildcats are group meeting again, but this time in a location (related term) semiconcluding setting, allowing both teams more time to survey each other.

"It evens it out a small bit," said Skinner, a former Husker adjunct manager nether John Cook. "Both schools have the same magnitude of video, same magnitude of days to fix, same chance to get to know the opposing, and that can be used to our advantage."

Nebraska (26-6) will be lining one of the nation's hottest teams. Kentucky (26-4), graded 10th, has won 23 consecutive matches, and that enclosed an 18-0 run done the Southeastern Conference. The Wildcats beat Murray State and Purdue to range the Minneapolis Regional.

Skinner said acquiring more days to fix for an opposing is not always a good thing.

"We'll go done our average routine, but it's matches like this I deliberation there's a lot of inclination for people to overanalyze or overfix what your opposing is about, and how to do things. We just have to do what we do and do it well."


    Not only is preparation different this time, so is the makeup of the Wildcats' team. With four new players on the court this year, Skinner said he had a completely different squad, though the Huskers are familiar with junior outside hitter Leah Edmond, who was named the SEC player of the year.

    And asked if Kentucky is using last year's loss to NU as motivation, Skinner said, "I don't deliberation so. Our team kind of seems to stay in the present."

    Kentucky had a chance to clinch a Final Four bid on its home flooring last year. Though the latest chance is coming away from Lexington, the fire remains the same, sophomore setter Madison Lilley said.

    "Obviously, we were tired physically and mentally (entering last year's match against NU), so I deliberation that played a big role," Lilley said. "Then having the whole week to fix is definitely going to make a difference. I know that the fire is there. There's no doubt in my mind that we're going to come out and play as hard as we can, with a lot of fire and compete really hard."

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