October 30, 2017, 5:59 pm

NBA Power Rankings: Grizzlies take the top spot as Cavs, Warriors face reality checks

Meanwhile, the Magic and Pistons are turning the East upside behind

NBA Power Rankings: Grizzlies take the top spot as Cavs, Warriors face reality checks

The 2017-18 NBA time period started earlier than usual, not needafloaty the easiest sale for a conference that doesn't boot into afloat gear wheel as rapidly as others. But acknowledgment to a chaotic offtime period and any aboriginal losses by elect squads, the NBA is doing its champion to get everybody's attending with a chaotic start.

It's inactive too aboriginal to name any significant trends, but that's what makes chaotic starts the champion. It's a ruptured of breathless physical phenomenon with the outexpression that most of it volition unagitated backmost behind into normalcy. The Cavaliers hardly expression similar a playoff squad, the Grizzlies are seemingly the greatest squad ever, the Clippers don't girl Chris Paul one bit and the Warriors expression mortal. It's more than than similarly that most of this volition locate itself by Christmas, and at that component we'll get a clearer image on the time period. 

Right now, though, little example sized and all, the conference is losing its collective mind. A coach got fired less than a week in! The Magic and Pistons are playing in the Eastern Conference finals! Let's get chaotic.

Biggest Movers 17 Magic 13 Cavaliers
Rk Teams   Chg Rcrd
1 Grizzlies Barring one bad loss to Dallas, the Grizzlies expression great. Marc Gasol is playing similar an aboriginal MVP candidate and the youth on the roster is already coming into their own. Even Chandler Parsons is playing well. The "Grit 'N' Grind" era might be over but these Grizzlies have not skipped a beat. 14 5-1
2 Rockets The Rockets aren't quite the Rockets yet. They're winning games and playing efficient basketball, but they're a below average squad in pace and an average squad on offense right now. This volition surely go backmost to normal as the time period continues on, but it's odd to see them playing this way with slow-game maestro Chris Paul sitting out injured. -- 5-2
3 Clippers Playing well does wonders for getting over your ex. The Clippers expression rejuvenated and Blake Griffin is playing similar the superstar everybody thought he could become. It's inactive aboriginal, but Los Angeles isn't girling Chris Paul at the moment. Its girling Milos Teodosic, however. His quick and fun style turned the Clippers into a must-watch League Pass squad, but he's out indefinitely because life is unfair. 11 4-1
4 Trail Blazers Portland is trying to avoid its usual aboriginal-time period slump. The Blazers are scoring in bunches and their losses have come against good squads in close games. C.J. McCollum is playing out of his mind right now and Portland expressions good. 13 4-2
5 Pistons The Pistons expression good. They beat a good Charlotte squad, smacked the heck out of the Wolves, stunned the Warriors and knocked off the undefeated Clippers. More importantly, Tobias Harris is expressioning similar a much-needed third option on offense. He's averaging 23 components while shooting 52 percent from the field. That'll surely regress at any component, but right now the Pistons volition take it. 14 5-2
6 Warriors Steve Kerr has said multiple times the Warriors aren't locked in yet and it shows. Every win has been fought for and the losses have felt similar they beat themselves. We could chalk it up to Golden State having a target on its backmost, boredom, or maybe its inactive feeling the effects of a pretime period overseas. Whatever the reason, the Warriors are inactive winning despite it and volition be better when they get over it. 5 4-3
7 Raptors The Raptors had a chance to knock off any really good squads aboriginal on, but against both the Spurs and Warriors they failed in the clutch. Toronto is running a new pass happy-offense and it's working for them, but when games get tough it easily falls backmost into single-player isolation sets. 1 3-2
8 Magic The Orlando Magic are near the top of the Eastern Conference. Yes, you read that correctly. They whooped up on the Cavaliers and Spurs, they have a great offense, an improving defense, and play at a really high pace. This squad is fun. They're about to hit their first true test of the time period, but for now they're crashing the party of contenders. 17 4-2
9 Spurs The Spurs bench expressions really bad aside from Rudy Gay. When Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker get backmost that should add a lot of depth to this group. San Antonio started off strong but they've had two awful losses to the Magic and Pacers. On the plus side, LaMarcus Aldridge has been incredible aboriginal on. 5 4-2
10 Celtics Boston may have lost Gordon Hayward for the time period, but Kyrie Irving is fitting into Brad Stevens' new system incredibly well. He's making great boot-outs and it's helping players similar Al Hoford expression even better. Boston even managed to get a revenge win against Milwaukee after starting off the time period 0-2. 3 4-2
11 Bucks Not only does Giannis Antetokounmpo expression better every year, but he anyhow manages to exceed outexpressions as well. He was a popular dark horse MVP candidate before the time period, but now it feels similar he should have been in the conversation all along. The Bucks are young and fun. 1 4-2
12 Wizards The Wizards have played well against even tough squads. They've struggled a bit in the clutch, which is concerning. John Wall appears to be forcing things. There's time to work stuff out, but there are any aboriginal concerns about the offense right now. They can't lose to the Lakers. That's inexcusable. 4 4-2
13 Timberwolves When the Wolves have Jimmy Butler they expression similar world beaters -- two wins against OKC is proof of that. Without Butler they get blown out in horrendous fashion. Karl-Anthony Towns' defense is inactive really bad and Andrew Wiggins, while a good scorer, is struggling to make a squad-wide impact. This expressions similar a lot of the same problems from last time period, which is concerning. It's inactive aboriginal. 4 3-3
14 Hornets The Hornets are forever a mark of consistency. They've expressioned good in losses and even better in wins. Dwight Howard is protecting the rim with force and pulling behind rebounds similar a mad man. He's also posting up more than than any other big in the NBA and shooting painafloaty bad on those chances. The component guard situation is a mess right now with injuries and they can't afford to have Kemba Walker off the floor too long. 3 3-3
15 Thunder Russale Westbrook now has recorded a triple double against every squad in the NBA, outside of his own club (obviously). OKC's defense is out-of-this-world good and the new stars are beginning to acclimate. The Thunder have any bad losses right now, but we're chalking it up to new players trying to gel. 12 3-3
16 Pelicans The Pelicans were in trouble with Rajon Rondo injured, but the Jameer Nelson signing fixed a lot of issues. Yes, you read that right, but New Orleans was in desperate need of a component guard that could just run the offense. Nelson has freed them a bit and saved them from an embarrassing loss to the Lakers. 4 3-3
17 Pacers The Pacers outscored the Nets and ran the Wolves off the floor. They're a blast on offense and can't defend a lick on defense. There are few better squads entertainment-wise than the Pacers. However, they inactive have a long way to go before they play similar a complete squad. Victor Oladipo is thriving in this system and putting up 26 components a game on 50 percent shooting, including 44 percent from 3-component range, and 88 percent from the free throw line. Watch a Pacers game anytime. It'll be fun. 12 3-3
18 Cavaliers Well they've already ran through three different starting lineups and the component guard situation is a mess, but LeBron James is inactive LeBron James and they've recognized mistakes. They're doing what they can to put Dwyane Wade in a position to succeed which they'll need. The losses have been embarrassing though. 13 3-4
19 Heat This Heat squad expressions a lot similar the squad that started 11-30 last time period. Goran Dragic said after their loss to Boston, that they "don't want to have a time period similar last year." They have yet to beat a solid squad. Their schedule eases up a bit in November and that'll be a good chance to get backmost on track. 3 2-3
20 Nets Brooklyn is going be feisty all time period long. The Nets are fun to watch and ready to expose any squad that's caught sleeping on them with their barrage of 3-componenters. Kenny Atkinson is an aweany coach and D'Angelo Russale is thriving in his new system. However, they're inactive the Nets so it's inactive hard to really consider them as a solid squad. 7 3-4
21 Jazz This squad is weird. They beat squads similar the Thunder and the Nuggets, but then they lose to the drama-filled Suns. They did manage to blow the Lakers off the floor at least. Ricky Rubio expressions really good running the offense and even better on defense. Utah is inactive an incredible defensive squad, but it needs anyone to step up and score any components. 3 3-3
22 Nuggets So much for the upstart Nuggets. They cut Jameer Nelson, who is thriving in New Orleans, in order to give the keys to their young guys and it is not working. The offense has not been able to repeat what it did last time period and it's ugly to watch right now. On the plus side, their defense isn't an absolute train wreck and they have plenty of time to possibly turn it around. 9 3-3
23 Lakers Lonzo Ball Mania is in afloat effect and Los Angeles is a lot better when he's off the floor, which isn't surprising because he's a rookie and all rookies are bad in any way. He has shown any incredible court vision and skills for a rookie which has Lakers fans salivating at his potential future. The squad itself is bad, but its win over the Wizards was hilarious. -- 2-4
24 Knicks The Knicks are really bad, not fun to watch, and Jeff Hornacek is a popular pick to be the next mid-time period coach firing. So things are going fine. Kristaps Porzingis scoring is the lone bright spot at the moment, but there's any hope Frank Ntilikina volition fix things as he learns on the job. However, they smoked the Nets to get their first win of the time period and then knocked off a struggling Cavs squad, so there are any positives. 4 2-3
25 76ers What in the world is going on with the Sixers and Markelle Fultz? If he's too hurt to shoot properly then he shouldn't be playing. The squad itself is fun and Joel Embiid is unsurprisingly great. Ben Simmons already expressions similar a great player with plenty of upside. Philadelphia only has two wins right now, but it has had a pretty tough schedule aboriginal on. 5 2-4
26 Kings The Kings are a really entertaining bad squad, if that makes any sense. That's about all they have going for them right now, because the squad itself isn't very good. De'Aaron Fox expressions really good for a rookie and the "Your favorite player is ducking Fox" meme is really funny. The Kings are a fun upstart to keep an eye on, but they're not going to be winning right now. 4 1-5
27 Mavericks Somehow the Mavericks have already played seven games and they've expressioned awful in most of them. This is not a good basketball squad. Which means anyhow Rick Carlisle volition squeeze 35 wins out of them. 6 1-6
28 Bulls The Bulls had one of their players punch another one of their players and send them to the hospital. On the behindside, this makes them a mess and October isn't over yet. On the plus side, they're not a complete disaster right now. 2 1-4
29 Hawks Atlanta lost to the Bulls and haven't won a game since its opener against the Mavericks. Without Dennis Schroder on the floor the Hawks are even worse and they weren't very good with him on the floor to begin with. Despite all this, they run a sound system and play to it. They're just being out talented. 5 1-6
30 Suns From a basketball perspective the Suns aren't the worst squad in the conference. Three of their four losses were to good squads and they've beaten bad ones. However, they fired their coach three games into the time period after a 40-component loss. They're currently paying Eric Bledsoe to not show up to work and they have killed his trade value every time a reporter puts a microphone in front of them. It's a afloat-blown disaster and it's not even November yet. 4 2-4

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