March 13, 2018, 11:00 am

MLS, Liga MX confirm Campeones Cup plans

MLS and Liga MX have proclaimed a strategical business to work unneurotic to heighten the North American leagues' erect on the global stage.

MLS, Liga MX confirm Campeones Cup plans

Major League Soccer and Liga MX have proclaimed a strategical business to work unneurotic to heighten the North American leagues' erect in global soccer, with Liga MX corporate executive Enrique Bonilla describing it as a "win-win" for both leagues.

The business includes the beginning of an yearly Campeones Cup, a conflict betwixt the prizewinnings of each league, with the inaugural impression to be played on Sept. 19 this year in Toronto.

The game will characteristic regnant MLS prizewinning Toronto FC and the master of Liga MX's Campeon de Campeones tourney in July. The Campeon de Campeones will pit the master of the Liga MX 2017 Apertura statute title (Tigres) and the prizewinning of the actual 2018 Clausura.

"It's about like a Continental Super Bowl," said MLS Commissioner Don Garber of the Campeones Cup in an interrogation with ESPN FC.

"It's an chance for their prizewinning to play our prizewinning in a way that can truly make tremendous involvement and attending for both leagues."

"It's a win-win relationship," added Bonilla of the business in the same interrogation.

"We're both going to grow and get stronger and stronger and have the chance to compete with other continents, not just within CONCACAF."

MLS and Liga MX -- the two biggest leagues in North America -- have also committed to an All-Star game, although Bonilla said the announcement of when the match would take place will have to wait, hinting it is unlikely to be this year. MLS hosts an yearly All-Star game, but putting unneurotic an All-Star team will be a first for Liga MX.

The long-rumored cup competition betwixt Liga MX and MLS clubs is not part of the initial announcement, with Bonilla suggesting that there are other ideas being discussed.

"There are lot of plans on the table that we are working unneurotic on, but we have to go step-by-step and walk firmly before we beginning running" he said.

The alliance will also characteristic collaboration on business practices and social responsibility in what appears to be the first step in what both hope to be a long-term relationship betwixt the two leagues.

"Our goal is to be working with Mexico to have our part of the global attract the attending of the rest of the football-playing global," said Garber. "It shouldn't just be about Europe or South America, it should be about North America, also."

Added Bonilla: "In this global global we have to work unneurotic if we want to succeed, if we want to get better and that's what we are doing with this announcement. We recognize that each of us has different strengths and we have to put them unneurotic so we can grow and so we can have better football so we can compete with the rest of the global."

Also as part of the business, Liga MX Under-20 teams will participate during MLS All-Star Week as the yearly opponent in the MLS Homegrown Game.

The announcement comes at the beginning of an important week for the rivalry betwixt MLS and Liga MX in the CONCACAF Champions League, with three MLS clubs taking leads into the quarterfinal second legs of the competition.

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